Jmj Phillip Group Hard-Coat Supervisor in Armada, Michigan

A company that produces injection-molded parts for the automotive industry is looking for a hard-coat supervisor who can upkeep the equipment in the plant. This position offers up an opportunity to have great salary, benefits, and a 401K plan while working with a great team. Hard-Coat Supervisors who can really help maintain the equipment will excel in this role and potentially can help take this manufacturer to the next level.spanOverview:/spanThis position will be responsible for utilizing equipment, machinery, and tools in order to facilitate a highly efficient process that creates a high-quality product. The Hard-Coat Supervisor will also help ensure the creation of the product in a clean-room manufacturing environment. This position will be reporting to the production manager.h5spanHard-Coat Supervisor Job Opening/span/h5ulliThe Hard-Coat Supervisor must help make sure that certain safety policies and procedures are being adhered to./liliThis role must also follow and help enforce certain company processes and procedures./liliThe Hard-Coat Supervisor must help support machining and labor processes in order to achieve the objectives of the production schedule./liliThe role will also be responsible for making sure that quote scrap percentages are being adhered to./liliThe position will additionally require the troubleshooting of certain parts, tools, machines, and equipment in order to upkeep the quality of products that are being manufactured./liliThe Hard-Coat Supervisor must uphold a process of hard-coating./liliThis role will require the setting-up and calibration of robotics in order to make the most efficient use of film thickness and minimize the use of hard-coat for production./liliThe Hard-Coat Supervisor will also be in charge of maintaining the tidiness of the hard-coat department./liliThis role will also support the loading and off-loading processes in production./liliThis position will need to help store and label the coating material used for the hard-coating process./liliThe position also requires maintaining the clean room and robotics./liliThe Hard-Coat Supervisor must also help train the associates inside and outside of the clean room./liliThe position will also fulfill other duties as assigned./li/ulspanJob Requirements:/spanulliThe position requires at least a high school diploma or equivalent./liliThe role also requires at least two years of experience in a paint or hard-coat environment./liliThe Hard-Coat Supervisor should also have a great attention to detail./li/ula title="" href=""