Caliper, a CorTech Company Test Technician in Auburn Hills, Michigan

Automotive Technical Facility in Auburn Hills, MI has openings for Test Technicians.Must have experience with automotive seating/interiors.Mechanical Engineering experience preferred.span style="text-decoration: underline;"Main Duties/Activities/span:ulliContributes to the reliable evaluation of product design, by operating test equipment./liliFatigue/liliLifecycle/liliAnchorage (FMVSS 207/210)/liliClimatic Chambers/liliRobotics (ABB, Kuka, Nachi)/liliPLC and Data Acquisition equipment/li/ulspan style="text-decoration: underline;"Specific Responsibilities/span:ulliConducts tests on time as schedule by the supervisor or supervisor designate./liliExecutes tests based on the machine and QS procedures as well as the polyvalence rating system./liliImproves procedures for the test methods and testing equipment if required./li/ul