York Repair Mechanic in Bay City, Michigan

York Repair, an established company in Bay City, MI, is looking to hire a full-time mechanic. If interested, please check out the job description below as well as our website: www.yorkrepair.com for additional information.Essential Duties: Repairs special and standard AC and DC electro-mechanical equipment.Summary: Repairs electro-mechanical equipment and uses numerous hand tools. Works on a variety of motors from start to finish; will receive a great deal of informal, on-the-job training from seasoned technicians.Responsibilities: The following list contains emkey /emresponsibilities:ulliOperates specialized repair and testing equipment./liliRegularly diagnoses and troubleshoots mechanical and electrical equipment./liliProficiently disassembles/assembles eddy current clutches, Demags, reducers, pumps, complex mechanical equipment, etc./liliCarries out dynamic balance of rotor and armature assemblies as well as replaces/repairs mechanical parts (e.g. brushes, gears, seals, etc.)./liliRegularly carries out vibration analysis./liliProcures special parts per material request form./liliOperates Fork Trucks (certified); Quality System/Safety Policy trained./liliObserves all safety procedures and uses proper protective gear./li/ul