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Intrastate Distributors, Inc. Maintenance in Detroit, Michigan

Maintenance Mechanic for soft drink and water manufacturerMust be capable of being able to handle scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs.In addition to scheduled maintenance, the mechanic is responsible for emergency repairs. In a production environment, any down time costs the company money. The role of the mechanic is to minimize down time and have the machine up and running as soon as possible.When a new product is being added, the maintenance mechanic meets with the product manager or plant engineer. They discuss the modifications required to produce the new item. The mechanic is responsible for making the necessary changes and having test runs. Only when the product manager accepts the quality, can the new set-up be added to the production schedule.The mechanic usually reports to the plant mechanic or maintenance manager. The number of people in this position depends on the size of the factory and the type of operation. A 24-hour operation typically has three full-time maintenance mechanics, so that there is coverage and overlap of shifts. People who report the greatest satisfaction as a maintenance mechanic are mechanically inclined, enjoy problem solving, and are good team players, but can work independently. Good communication skills are as important as mechanical skills in this job, as everything the mechanic does has an impact on other areas of the operation.