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US Steel Electrical Salary Planner Steel Making BOP in Ecorse, Michigan

Job Description:Roles Responsibilities: Develop, track and measure continuous improvement of the site planned maintenance systems. Build value for the use of corporate selected CMMS, and any add on applications, through communication and actualization of these systems. Promote the actualization of Planning Scheduling (PS), Preventive and Predictive Maintenance (PPM) and all supporting systems. Promote Communication/Development/Training for Planner Schedulers and all support teams. Direct the interaction of the site eAM Information Systems support group in daily CMMS functionality. Listen, Coach, Counsel and support individuals. Measure the successrogress of the Planned Maintenance Systems. Monitor the eAM (CMMS) functionality and promote usage and maintaining of the computer systems. Focus on the systems that will bring us closer to our business objectives using the appropriate systems that will reduce our overall costs. Must be self-motivated and able to continue self-development. Must understand the systematic approach the Planned Maintenance concept utilizes to implement programs. Able to give direction to minimize deviation from standards and specifications; therefore, creating an Uncompromising Safety Environment and supporting Continuous Improvement. Be a resource to Operations, Maintenance, Engineering and Support Teams on the use of the Planned Maintenance concept by communication, training, and actualization of the systems. Develop/update and communicate metrics to measure Planned Maintenance. Provide functional guidance, direction, and leadership of the site Planning and Scheduling teams. Provide functional guidance, direction and leadership to the site BOM and Materials Management teams. Help develop and improve understanding of the Planned Maintenance parameters and systems by the users. Sponsor a systematic approach to the functional competencies of: Safety, Environment and Health. Ensure Planned Maintenance systems, and key pursuits, are aligned with and best supporting the business critical operating tasks. Have value and commitment for Planned Maintenance systems, operating discipline and mechanical reliability. Have in-depth knowledge of and function as a driving force for the Reliability Excellence, ABS and continuous improvement processes. Ensure hands on competency of the planning resources is maintained and renewed as required to achieve all items listed above. Network with other leaders, and site management and functional peers across the corporation, to leverage resources for the greatest benefit of the overall primary metals business, leading in areas where contribution is unique, distinctive and additive. Support site Maintenance and Operations leadership by helping them understand the Planned Maintenance metrics and their progress. Direct interaction with the Information Systems support groups to promote continuous improvement of our computer systems. Support and interact with Engineering, and support teams, to ensure Planned Maintenance jobs are completed per specifications. Perform as the site representative for the corporate Planning Scheduling network. Support our internal partners and external customers in our business objectives and continuous improvement strategies. Improve the contribution that the Planned Maintenance efforts make to the site business by supporting the