Jones Lang Lasalle Operations Supervisor in Flint, Michigan

Project Management Responsibilities include * Creating tests fits and furniture layouts for various projects including workstation typicals, 2 and 3D. * Develop preliminary designs and test-fits in accordance to workplace guideline; furniture layouts; renderings; cost estimates; catalog of furniture choices for ease of use. * Engagement with stakeholder on final approval according to 100% design drawings. * Lead individual projects, coordinate and prioritize incoming projects. * Initiate programming special business process requirements * Oversee design of space through to implementation * Collaborate with architects, A/E firms, stakeholder, furniture manufacturers and distributors on design and finish selections. * Ensure timely professional implementation from initial engagement with business unit through to implementation and close. * Write specs, obtain quotes, review purchase orders. * Maintain catalog and space planning share point page. * Coordinate with facilities operations team and CAFM to ensure files are appropriately updated. * Update transformation and GM interior design guidelines as required. * Develop and update process flows as needed. * High-visibility role; requires high-level of collaboration with multiple departments and entities. Space Planning responsibilities would include: * Working with departments to determine current/future headcount needs * Formulate seating plans to incorporate growth * Update Archibus/CAFM with current cube/tenant information * Meet with clients for cube reconfiguration requests. Draw up changes and provide to furniture service provider for quote. * Enter purchase request into SAP for furniture reconfiguration. * Work with furniture service provider and tenants to schedule cube reconfiguration * Study occupancy of building- meaning determine occupied percentages, available floor space, costs per sq ft, etc. * Determine if current Operational Committee (O.C.) decision records are being followed. * Work with departments to develop alternative work arrangements (Hotels, personal storage space, etc) for tenants not meeting the 3 + day per week occupancy. * Work with CCA tenants, CCA Facilities, Engineering firm, and GF to develop workplace transformation plan. * Manage furniture spare parts storage room- ensure spare parts are available, request quotes and enter PR s when parts are needed * Work with resource manager to recycle furniture not needed. * Proficiency in CAD, layout designs * If needed: Any travel required to support other CCA locations would be supported through an On-Demand JLL PRIVACY STATEMENT When you visit JLL websites, JLL may collect information related to those visits, without you actively sending that information. This information may include, for example, t