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Block by Block Operations Supervisor in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Operations Supervisors provide an exemplary model of customer service, hospitality, and operational procedures- such as supervision, staffing, recruiting, motivating, managing expectations and etc... while leading and managing the team. Responsible for assisting the Operations Manager in all facets of program at the local level. This is a very multifaceted program with many moving parts. We have numerous events in Downtown Grand Rapids to staff and supervise so our staff can increase on a dime and that requires someone with excellent people, scheduling, and supervision skills considering our roles are roles that are mobile and always on the move. Hospitality is the main skill needed, all the rest we can train but, if you don't want to motivate people to be helpful, detail oriented and operate professionally then we are dead in the water.ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONSAPPLICATION OF OPERATING MODEL – Apply Block by Block standard concepts, processes, practices and policies to daily operations to address local needs and concerns. This means please, use common sense and make it happen. We have it all figured out, just stick with the program, use your skills and common sense, treat people the way you'd like to be treated and you'll succeed.OPERATIONAL OVERSIGHT – Responsible for daily guidance and direction of on-street operations. Develops a custom deployment plan to maximize visibility and effectiveness of resources (personnel and equipment). Evaluates daily needs and adjusts the standard deployment plan to meet the daily needs of the service district. Events will cause changes to deployment and staffing. Changing to staffing will require changes to supervision and to training. We need someone who doesn't need to be directed to get it done or treat our people right!HUMAN RESOURCES – Recruits, selects potential candidates for hire. Trains, coaches and mentors selected staff to create a cohesive team of Ambassadors to represent Downtown. You know what we are talking about. Source, recruit, follow outlined procedures to identify the best candidates and train them to be caring and hospitable Ambassaodors that clean and keep safe Nashville.QUALITY ASSURANCE - Ensures service expectations are being met through regular contact with customer; evaluates quality of services through measuring individual employee performances compared to expectations and overall program performance, making adjustments as necessary.CUSTOMER RELATIONS – Actively engages customer representative and stakeholders to discuss local issues and to set a course for continual program evolution. Implements new local strategies to continually improve service delivery. Keep the client in mind at all times.REPORTING – Uses a combination of standard Block by Block reporting processes combined with processes developed specifically to update stakeholders on accomplishments and program effectiveness. Must be able to provide written reports of broken infrastructure, graffiti on private property, and provide a basic daily report of accomplishments and tasks completed. Must be able to provide direction and counsel to team members and report concerns to Operations Manager.HANDS ON – The Operations Supervisor is an important element of the programs visibility and is expected to be a working supervisor to actively participate in daily safety and cleaning tasks and duties. Working supervisors is the game. Do not ask anyone to do something that you wouldn't do yourself.FRONT LINE LEADERSHIP - Responsible to manage shift duties of the clean and safe ambassadors while ensuring compliance to all Block by Block standards, procedures, and policies.PROFESSIONALISM - Must maintain a positive, professional environment in full compliance with applicable law