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Beaumont Health System Engineering Technician in Grosse Pointe, Michigan

div divspanspanspanGENERAL SUMMARY: /span/span/spanspanspanspanspanspanDevelops and maintains records of architectural site plan and essential systems drawings. Performs field investigations to assess accuracy of drawings. Prepares required documents for facilities information packages to meet requests for information from internal and external clients to identify which Master Record documents require updating and address code and standard issues. Reviews essential system packages outsourced to A/E and Engineering firms. /span/span/span/span/spanspanspanspanspanspanESSENTIAL DUTIES: /span/span/span/span/spanullispanspanspanspanspanDevelops and maintains records of architectural site plans and essential systems. Utilizes CAD to record all changes to ensure that a complete set of accurate records is maintained. Obtains data from external resources as necessary. /span/span/span/span/spanlilispanspanspanspanspanField-verifies installation of new or modification of existing facilities. Inspects facilities to ensure that drawings are accurate. Updates records as required. Performs field investigations of observed record set drawing and corrects variances. Identifies building codes issues. Updates records as required from field observations. /span/span/span/span/spanlilispanspanspanspanspanUpdates essential systems to be consistent with new construction or as-built drawings. Ensures consistency between drawings and observed field conditions. Converts hand-drawn constructions project as-built into CAD format. /span/span/span/span/spanlilispanspanspanspanspanAccumulates information and prepares facilities information packages to meet facilities information requests. Obtains required information and prepares documents for external and internal clients./span/span/span/span/spanlilispanspanspanspanspanUses tools and equipment appropriately. Knows when and how to use tools and equipment to perform the job in an efficient, effective and safe manner. Consistently uses tools and equipment correctly on the job. /span/span/span/span/spanlilispanspanspanspanspanMaintains and contributes to a safe work environment. Adheres to all safety policies, procedures and practices, including the wearing of protective clothing and gear. /span/span/span/span/span/li/ulspanspanspanSTANDARD QUALIFICATIONS /span/span/spanullispanspanspanspanspanAssociate's degree or bachelor's degree or general studies in engineering. /span/span/span/span/span/lilispanspanspanspanspanTwo to three years in some aspect of engineering or construction coupled with training in the use of CAD software preferred. /span/span/span/span/span/lilispanspanspanspanspanUnderstanding of Architectural, Electrical or Mechanical Drawings. /span/span/span/span/span/lilispanspanspanspanspanKnowledge of Building Systems. /span/span/span/span/span/lilispanspanspanspa