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Jervis B Webb Company JBW WELDER in Harbor Springs, Michigan

divdivdivdivdivspan class="bold" JBW WELDER/span/div/divdivspan class="sr-only field-label"Job Location/span US-MI-HARBOR SPRINGS/divdivtabletbodytrtd class="iCIMS_JobHeaderField"# of Openings/tdtd class="iCIMS_JobHeaderData"2/td/trtrtd class="iCIMS_JobHeaderField"Shift/tdtd class="iCIMS_JobHeaderData"1st Shift/td/trtrtd class="iCIMS_JobHeaderField"Company Division/tdtd class="iCIMS_JobHeaderData"HS/td/tr/tbody/table/div/div/divspan class="bold" Overview /spandivdivdivAcirc;Set up, adjust, and operate welder under general supervision. Acirc;Clean, dress, and replace electrodes. Acirc;Weld metal components together to fabricate products, parts, or equipment.Acirc;Acirc;/div/div/divspan class="bold" Responsibilities /spandivdivdivSet up, adjust and operate a mig or heli arc welder to join metal parts by a series of spot or continuous weld seams in accordance with dimensional specifications.Acirc;Position parts in welding jigs or clamp assemblies together using fixed measuring gauges, rigged stop gauges or scale to control dimensional requirements.Acirc;Weld metal components together to fabricate products, parts, or equipment.Acirc;Regulate current input to obtain proper weld fusion between metal members.Acirc; Determine number of welds to be spotted.Acirc; Set automatic timing devices to insure proper weld strength.Acirc;Clean, dress, and replace electrodes.Acirc;Work from drawings, sketches, templates, job layouts and welding instructions.Acirc;Use scale, square, and protractor and fixed gauges to set up, operate and check work.Acirc;Know all welding symbols.Acirc;Operate oxygen acetylene cutting torch.Acirc;Perform other work related duties as required./div/div/divspan class="bold" Qualifications /spandivdivdivVocational or High School Diploma or GED.6 - 12 months on the job welding experience.Good verbal communication skills.Ability to understand and follow instructions.Ability to read and write.Acirc;Acirc;Acirc;/div/div/div/divJervis B. Webb Company is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer, and federal sub/contractor. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to their race, gender, religion, ancestry, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital status, veteran status or medical condition.