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KEY PERSONNEL Wire Saw Op -Plastics (Weekend Only) 9017 in Holland, Michigan

divSet up and operate the wire saws and complete quality chekcs and all documentation/divulliDetermine the customer requirements per the work order/liliPrepare wire/spring assemblies to correct length/liliSet up and wire sawas with wires at appropiate distance apart, allowing for kerf/liliSet appropiate voltage and table/carriage speed to achieve the correct part thickness./liliLoad blocks on wire saw tables/liliRemove slices from the wire saw table and stack on carts/skids/liliChange wires at appropiate intervals to avoid failure and scrap/liliPerform and record all necessary information to ensure tracibility and quality/liliReport production results at the end of the shift on all necessary documents and or software/liliProperly dispose of scrap material per companies' con-conforming material procedure/liliProperly identify all materlal to ensure traceability/liliFollow all work ordres and process specifications/liliAssist other production areas as required/liliImprove job efficiency and performance through idea suggestions/liliProvide the customer with the best value including Cost, Quality, and Delivery by being efficient, productive, and careful/liliMaintain a clean and safe work environment at all times/liliPerform all reasonably related duties as assigned/li/ul