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Spartan Precision Machining CNC Operator (B): in Holt, Michigan

Directly Reports to: CNC Manager - Performs operational duties related to CNC machine procedures instructions. The CNC machines are in three (3) major categories, the following applies to each category singly. The categories are VMC, Swiss, and conventional lathe. o Able to start and stop all CNC machines safely and correctly. o Able to emergency stop CNC machines when necessary. o Loads machines while ensuring that all potential short or bad parts and all applicable bar ends are contained and scrapped. o Able to reset coolant lines if they are knocked out of position (especially at bar load). o Able to perform the daily Preventive Maintenance requirements. o Monitors chip buildup in the tooling zone, around the pump and accessible areas of the sump as well as at conveyor exit (if any), removing excess before it causes problems. o For non-chip conveyor machines, monitors chip buildup in the catch basin and removes buildup before it reaches the bottom of any machine ways. o Distributes chip load in carts, makes sure that nothing large enough to damage the chip spinning system gets in. o Correctly dumps scrap and bar ends into the correct barrel, never mixing incorrect materials into Brass or Aluminum. o Maintains floor cleanliness around machines and#8211; sweep mop. o Performs quality checks on parts (see next section) and follows and#8220;3 basketand#8221; containment instructions when a problem is found. Shuts down machine notifies Setup personnel of the problem. o Removes chips from parts. Transfers parts to totes with Lot tags as necessary when parts pass process monitoring / quality checks. o Follows a tool change schedule to flip or replace inserts and solid tooling, knows how to touch off basic tools. o Understands basic tool path programing and can make wear offsets for basic tools. o Able to manage the above duties on multiple machines simultaneously. - Quality o Must be able to read part prints and understand upper and lower limits of size. o Must be able to do and#8220;shop mathand#8221; to determine limits of characteristics shown with a nominal size and and#177; or default tolerance. o Must be able to use common hand held shop gages correctly. This includes all GO/NOGO attribute gages, micrometers calipers. Qualification testing and corrective training apply. o Must be able to use the optical comparator, surface tester, indicator stands and other special gaging, such as boundary samples for knurl fill acceptance. Qualification testing corrective training apply.