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Manpower Ice Cream Technicians in Ludington, Michigan

performs a variety of tasks associated with the production and packaging of ice cream and other frozen dairy desserts according to food safety and food quality policies and practices as well as general employee safety practices.ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Maintains an acceptable degree of consistency and speed in order to meet productivity and quality standards. Monitors the process, the machine(s) and the product for inconsistencies, making modifications as instructed or alerting Line Leader of inconsistencies and concerns.Places filled containers/cartons in boxes or trays as required to maintain an acceptable level of consistency and speed in order to meet productivity and quality standards. Observes product packaging assuring that product is sealed and wrapped consistently. Checks product code dating as required.Monitors conveyor or other mechanical components in a designated area to avoid production jamming and assure quality packaging.Performs constant clean up of work area to assure product is clean and work area is clutter free and safe. Performs clean up at the end of the shift as instructed by the supervisor.Effectively communicates and collaborates as a member of the Production team, learning the jobs of different work stations included in this job description, enabling the ability to rotate from job to job giving breaks or filling in when other employees are absent.