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Port City Group Melter/Metal Tender2nd Shift in Muskegon, Michigan

divdivdivspan class="bold"Melter/Metal Tender-2nd Shift/spandivspan class="job-location"Muskegon, MI, USA/span span class="job-req-number"Req #1083/span/divdivWednesday, August 5, 2020/divdivStart here, end here. There is a reason why we have so many employees with 20+ years with the company-Pace offers careers. Join us in making advanced aluminum die cast parts to be used in in the automotive and recreational vehicle industries. Our technology is cutting edge and so is our training and development program. Come to Pace for a career, not just another job.emThis application is a two (2) step process: /emem1) Filling out this application in its entirety and /emem2) Completion of the TalentSorter assessment that will be emailed to you upon completion of the online application. /ememYou will be receiving an assessment from TalentSorter on behalf of Pace Industries. Please take the time to fill this out. Failure to do so will result in unot/u ubeing/u uselected/u for the next step in our interviewing process. Thank you./em/divdivSummaryEmployees are required to maintain molten metal supply in the melt room and holding furnaces at the die cast machines safely and efficiently to support the production requirements and to assure the proper alloy is provided for the parts being cast.Duties and ResponsibilitiesThis job includes but is not limited to the following:ullidivKeep the holding furnaces on the die cast machines full of proper alloy of metal and at proper temperatures. This process, called hauling metal, must be done in a safe, efficient, and timely manner as to keep production running at all times while minimizing costly mistakes such as overfilling furnaces, overfilling ladles, spilling metal, letting furnaces run too low on metal, mixing alloys, etc./div/lilidivKeep transfer (bull) ladles properly cleaned and heated./div/lilidivKeep scrap hoppers emptied and identified./div/lilidivDaily chipping, cleaning, fluxing, and skimming of breakdown furnaces. This also includes Striko Holding Furnaces./div/lilidivKeep alloys separated. This applies to all metal including that which is stored, in any furnace, or in scrap form./div/lilidivCold clean and repair of breakdown furnaces. This includes jackhammering, cleaning, forming, ramming, casting, painting, etc./div/lilidivCharge metal to breakdown furnaces in such a way as to keep them full of the proper alloy metal and at the proper temperatures. Metal is charged in form of sows, ingots, castings, and ingredients./div/lilidivRoutine and proper cleaning of all die cast holding furnaces./div/lilidivOn Striko Furnaces clean fill funnels and pouring spouts. Coat as needed./div/lilidivKeep area around furnace clean./div/lilidivPerform alloy changes in any furnace properly./div/lilidivRun spectrometer including cleaning, profile, standardization, and routine analysis./div/lilidivProperly handle all department paperwork including labor cards, production sheets, check sheets, metal hauling sheets, barcodes, audit logs, furnace cleaning sheets, scrap cards, flux/dross cards, etc./div/lilidivProperly handle paperw