Sentech Skilled Trades Die Repair in Orion, Michigan

Die RepairLoc. Orion, Mi Co. stamps auto crash structures for Ford, GM and BMW; 90% steel, 10% aluminumDay shift: 7am to 3:30pm, Mon. - Fri. Up to $30/hr Die Repair is responsible for maintaining and repairing existing tools with respect to dates or deadlines and economic efficiency. Co. has progressive and line dies (3 to 20 tons presses), 1600t transfer press coming next yearRepair, maintenance and optimization work on equipment:Carry out repair, maintenance and optimization work on equipment as specified and to document according to co.’s standard (i.e. maintenance card). Order spare parts or, if necessary, produce them using standard procedures, carry out the post-processing and have them approved by the team leader.Participation in fault and / or optimization analyses:Dismantle defective or optimizable equipment and report any errors and faults to the responsible supervisor. Possibly make proposals for fault-finding and / or optimization options.Prepare Set-up and production:Prepare tools for tool-change, check material availability and provide the necessary tools (i.e. conveyor, gauges, etc.). Complete the setup process with release of the production. If necessary, correct defects or faults or have them removed by specialist personnel (i.e. tool / machine maintenance). Initiate quality control by the Quality Assurance department and release the production process. Carry out necessary documentation.Support the production process:Support Press Operators (jumping function, changing the coil, etc.) or, if necessary, taking over production activities.Ensure that the machines, operating or auxiliary equipment are ready for operation: Periodically check the machines, operating devices or auxiliary equipment (e.g. feeding devices, conveyor, etc.) and carry out or initiate repairs if necessary.Develop, suggest and implement possible technical and / or organizational optimizations after appropriate approvals by the supervisor.Job requirementsQualification:- Apprenticeship in Die Repair/ Toolmaking OR 5+ years of experience in maintaining tools, advantageously in the automotive supplier sector. Additionally several years of experience in press operation and die setting.- Knowledge of tool maintenance processes, production processes and organization - Team player skills, persuasiveness, analytical mind and fast perception.Function - Maintaining, repairing and setting up existing tools with respect to dates or deadlines and economic efficiency.- Active collaboration / Participation in setting up the tool maintenance and production departments and continuous improvement processes to develop technical and organizational structuresPersonal and social requirements - Ability and willingness to accept responsibility and to take the initiative in creating and utilizing opportunities of action and creativity.- Ability to think innovatively, constructively and in a practical or an implementation-oriented manner.- Identifying with the company, its functions and objectives.- Ability to secure cooperation and expert support outside of one's own specialist/organizational area of responsibility; ability to work on group projects.Professional requirements- Ability to proceed methodically and systematically to organize oneself and one's work.- Ability to further develop oneself and the special field of work and duties and utilize this in the company.- Ability to be always willing to learn - also in external special fields.- Ability to deal responsibly with superiors and colleagues.Straight 40 hour week until production ramps up, OT after hire in*Permanent position - 90 day