Nexteer Automotive Skilled Trades - MR4J Update 1 in Saginaw, Michigan

Machine Repair (MR4J)

Nexteer Automotive Saginaw, Michigan Operations is soliciting candidates for Industrial Machine Repair positions.

Applicants must have and be able to demonstrate the following skills and attributes:

  • Must be Safety oriented individual – overriding priority

  • Self-starting team oriented individuals with good technical and people skills

  • Must be willing to coach/mentor fellow employees

  • Have a journeyman’s card and have minimum of 5 years of experience as an industrial Machine Repairperson

  • Ability to diagnose and trouble shoot problems to make repairs on industrial automotive equipment

  • Ability to read and understand prints for:

  • Hydraulic systems/circuits

  • Including Chemical/Oil/Water based fluids

  • Pneumatic systems/circuits

  • Steam systems/circuits

  • Ability to:

  • Do pipe, tubing and steam fitting work

  • Do fixture and mechanical repairs on industrial equipment

  • Do spindle repair and lube system repairs

  • Operate tool room type equipment (lathe, mill, saw, drill press, etc.)

  • Arc, MIG and TIG weld

  • Use an oxygen/acetylene torch and plasma cutter

  • Operate heavy lifting fork trucks

  • Operate mobile cranes

  • Experience rigging using chains, slings and chokers from mobile cranes and overhead cranes

  • Experience working on power conveyors, roller conveyors, chain driven conveyor belts, gearboxes/reducers, clutches, sprockets, couplings, bearings and misc. material handling equipment

  • Experience installing/rearranging and debugging industrial equipment