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Bayside Best Beans Bagger in Sebewaing, Michigan

Position Objective: liBag Dry Edible Beans./li liReport to work on time according to schedule./li /ul Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: liAbility and willingness to learn./li liCan follow directions./li liStrong technical skills./li liStrong communication skills./li liBasic math skills./li liMust work well with others, need to work as a team./li /ul Employment Qualifications: liExperience in Dry Edible Bean Processing preferred but not necessary./li liDriver's license./li /ul Physical Requirements: liGood physical condition without limitations./li liAbility to do a great deal of walking, bending, and climbing stairs/ladders./li liLift 100 pounds occasionally./li liAbility to climb exceptional heights./li /ul Duties and Responsibilities: liFollow QA compliance's and company policies for employee safety./li liUnderstanding of product, food safety, food quality, manufacturing, and paperwork flow./li liReport any Food Safety and Quality issues to General Manager/HACCP Manager./li liKeep the bagging area clean, free of clutter, and spills./li liKeep the area well organized and put things in their place./li liThere are to be no drinks or food within the plant./li liBe aware of shipments to help to make sure all shipments go out on time./li liMake sure all loads are identified properly with lot numbers or tags on totes./li liPlease label lot # and variety on outside bags so they are easy for everyone to find and identify when stored in warehouse./li liCheck with Processor or Supervisor daily on shipments and how packaging is to be done./li liKeep music enjoyable to all ages always (no hard rock or profanity)./li liLook for any problems with the quality of beans while bagging and advise Processor or Supervisor when you think there may be a problem, look over the tops of totes for any beans of a different class./li liMake sure there are no damaged or ripped bags on pallets, no torn bags are to be shipped at any time./li liAdvise Supervisor when you are low on thread, needles, bags, or any other supplies./li liClean pallets when bagging onto them, remove any splinters and repair loose boards./li liMust work in time with processing, do not allow bin to overflow, and do not continue bagging when bin goes empty./li liMust assure accurate weights on all bags and totes./li liMust keep a good record of weights and lot numbers./li liMake sure the platform scale is level and tight in all four corners./li liMust be on time and capable of working some overtime when needed./li liClean when caught up with bagging./li liAlways help the Processor keep the processing area clean./li liEmpty all trash containers in the area./li liStack totes and bags 18 inches from walls, try to leave an area for inspection reasons on one side of the lot./li liFood safety; immediately report to supervisor or plant management any product that does not look right./li liSite security; be sure the facility is locked at the beginning of the production day (immediately notify supervisor, general manager, or office staff if security has been breached), be sure the facility is locked at the end of the production day./li liPolitely challenge anyone you do not know - "How may I help you?" and escort them to the office./li liPe