Alpha Custom Extrusions Line Machinist in St. Louis, Michigan

Job Description: Reporting to the Extrusion Supervisor the successful candidate will be responsible for all tasks involved in the production of Alpha Custom Extrusion’s products. The successful candidate with follow standard work methods and practice safe work habits to ensure production is as efficient and safe as possible. This position will work as part of a team toward our company goal of zero defects and 100% on-time delivery.Essential Duties and Responsibilities:Pack parts as required on each extrusion line following the company specs.Inspect parts for surface quality, color, profile appearance and dimensions, complete quality checks as necessary.Complete all necessary production paperwork in a timely manner during the course of the work shift.Assist set-up operators in setting up extrusion lines; be able to set-up basic lines as needed and pull jobs down the line to start the process of a successful set-up.Successfully complete standard work procedures on setting up equipment needed for set-up, preparing dies, identifying materials and other required duties.Promote and maintain a culture and attitude of continuous improvement, working within the company team to make it more efficient, safer and an enjoyable place to work.Qualifications and Requirements: ulliHigh School diploma or GED with a minimum of 1year experience in a manufacturing environment./liliBasic math skills/liliUse of tape measure/li/uluExperience in the following areas is preferred:/uulliBasic computer skills/liliProblem solving/liliExperience with quality tools (calipers, optical comparator, protractor)./liliBasic blueprint reading skills/liliWorking knowledge of Extrusion equipment (including extruders, co-extruders, water troughs, water heaters, pullers/cutters, conveyors, etc.)/li/uluPhysical Demands:/uulliBe able to stand in one place and perform continuous and repetitive movements which may last for up to 8 hours./liliBe able to lift 50 lbs./liliFunction in a moderate noise level environment, wear earplugs as necessary/liliWithstand the presence of unpleasant odors which may occur when using various types of plastic or purging compounds./liliSafety glasses must be worn on the production floor/li/ul