SAS Global Welder in Warren, Michigan

The Welder uses a handheld MIG process to weld various materials to manufacture engineered, fabricated parts.Tasks Responsibilities:ulliReads and interprets blueprints to create quality welds/liliInspects welds for accuracy/liliWelds different types of base materials including mild steel, stainless steel, manganese steel, and mild steel with chromium carbide overlay/liliRepairs broken or cracked parts, fills holes, and increases the size of metal parts/liliQualifies their operations by using the Quality Assurance Inspection Traveler for each job/liliAdheres to all safety standards/liliAdheres to all company guidelines and policies/liliOther duties and responsibilities as assigned/li/ulQualifications Experience:ulliAbility to read instruments such as a tape measure and calipers/liliBasic shop math/liliAbility to read and understand blueprints/liliOverhead crane use/liliHi-Lo License/li/ul