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Bev's Canvas Covers Marine Fabricator/Sewing Machine Operator in Waterford, Michigan

Did you just graduate from high school? Have no intention of going to college?I will train the right people. This is a skilled trade! A dying art!Oakland County, Michigan has over 1400 lakes. Michigan has millions of registered boats. They all need covers. The possibilities are endless. Once you learn to fit boat covers, there are car covers, equipment covers, outdoor kitchen covers, tents, gazebos, airplane covers, hot air balloons, I can go on and on.You will not be cooped up in an office all day. You can get out and enjoy the weather on good days. In the shop on bad weather days. Do you enjoy working with your hands and problem solving? Do you like working with hand tools? This may be the right career for you!We repair hundreds of covers each year. Therefore you can not be allergic to mold, mildew or algae. Must be able to lift 40-50 lbs. Can't be afraid to climb ladders. Can't be afraid to get dirty.Imagine the pride you will have when you see one of the beautiful covers you have fit and sewn on a boat that's floating in a lake or on a boat that's being towed down the road.You will be part of the team. As well as fitting and sewing covers you are expected to wait on customers, answer the phone, help keep the shop clean, sweep the floor, take out the trash.