MS Plastic Welders LLC Mechatronics Apprentice in Webberville, Michigan

table width="1035"tbodytrtd style="width: 1027px;" colspan="2" width="1035"This is an entry level position where individuals with mechanical aptitude and willingness to travel will learn all the requirements to build and service Ultrasonic Punching and Welding Machines.A combination of Company paid schooling and on the job training will result in the following Profidiencies and a DOL certification.Proficiencies for Mechanical and Electrical Assembly/td/trtrtd style="width: 1027px;" colspan="2" width="1035"ulliRead draft blueprints / schematics/liliCut, fabricate machine details for machines/liliUnderstand timing / scheduling of production plan customer requirements/liliPlan organize of workload/liliUse calibration equipment to ensure proper accuracy/liliUnderstand ultrasonic equipment technology/liliCommunicate effectively/liliEnsure Safety and health at workplace/li/ul/td/trtrtd style="width: 395px;" width="518"Mechanical Assembly/tdtd style="width: 632px;" width="518"Electrical Assembly/td/trtrtd style="width: 395px;" width="518"§Mechanical component assembly§Welding of components§Working on lathe, mill, shear, press brake, etc.§Install start-up of Ultrasonic welding machines/tdtd style="width: 632px;" width="518"§Mount connect electrical devices§Measurement analyses of electrical functions / systems§Install start-up of Ultrasonic welding machines §Troubleshooting/td/trtrtd style="width: 1027px;" colspan="2" width="1035"Capability after four years/td/trtrtd style="width: 1027px;" colspan="2" width="1035"ulliAssemble machine from start to finish with limited supervision concerns/liliPrioritize lead a project/liliAssist peers in growing their knowledge and ideas/liliGo on service with confidence knowledge for almost any challenge / obstacle/li/ul /td/tr/tbody/table